Sister’s First Tooth

As I shared a while back, Seneca was quite excited to finally lose a tooth of her very own.  Knowing that she cut her teeth late, and that she is rather young for her grade, I suspected it would be a little later rather than sooner.

But earlier this month, on October 2nd to be exact, our sweet girl finally lost her first tooth!  Lying in bed while Daddy read stories, I worked on it because it was so very ready.  Daddy had to hold the book directly in front him so he didn’t see me working, or else he would shiver with the heebie-jeebies!

Finally, it came out and I think I could feel her tremors of excitement!  Tissue stuffed in her mouth, she ran to the bathroom to take a look.

ToothBoard1SenecaTooth003 SenecaTooth004

Big brother, having lost a total of 6 teeth already, was all over what had to happen next.  He got some paper and an envelope and I think he may have even written out her note for her!  We found her pink tooth pillow upstairs in her old bedroom, which is currently serving as the box room as we prepare to pack for the upcoming move.




As I tucked her in for the night, she couldn’t help playing with the gap, using each word as a reason to drag her tongue over the space and making her sound like the lispy toddler she was just yesterday!

Seeing her excitement and knowing how thrilled she would be to show her new look to everyone at school, I couldn’t help but think of how quickly she’s growing up!  We’re so happy for you, Sis!!  Thanks for letting us share in the joy of your first visit from the Tooth Fairy!