Fall Saturday

Today I woke up feeling every bit of the past two months hectic schedule.  I returned to full-time teaching seventh grade English, the kids are busy in first and second grade and my husband continues his assignment as seventh and eighth grade science teacher among his many coaching endeavors.

Between work and school, we are managing to squeeze in AWANA, Cub Scouts and cheerleading, physicals and appointments, so it seems like a clear day in our schedule is a rarity.  That, and the fact that we are patiently awaiting news on when we will close on the sale of our home!

This past week, we had parent-teacher conferences which went fabulously, but added a few more evening hours than we typically spend at school.  Today, I woke with aches and pains and willed myself not to be getting sick.  It felt like my body was finally feeling the full weight of all that’s been on my mind (and calendar)!  It was trying to tell me to slow down.

So I did.

In fact, I started slowing down yesterday afternoon as we selected pumpkins with the kids and I commented to a friend at the patch that I need to take more pictures of things because I’m going to wish I did someday.  When 6- and 7-years-old seems small, I’m going to wish I had photos that capture their toothy grins, and round faces.  So yesterday afternoon, we carved pumpkins, baked cookies and took pictures.  Today, we created bead crafts, and my girl and I have been gloriously enjoying our pajamas ALL DAY!   I’ve caught up on some pictures that have been far too long in the processing, and I’m so grateful to have the chance to relive some of the memories as I clicked through each image.  And, after having been out of the classroom last year, I almost forgot how quickly my students become intertwined into the memories of our lives.


I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with some amazing children in my classes.  Just last weekend, I witnessed some amazingly kind and selfless acts of service by these students.  A group of sixth graders and their parents were raking leaves, planting bulbs and otherwise beautifying our school grounds.  A colleague helped the students get started, and informed me they have another round of work they plan to do in the spring.  It was quite a sight to see as I headed out last Friday afternoon.

Then, on Saturday, I was so proud of my sweet daughter for conquering her fear and performing her mascot cheer dance routine at the Cheer for Charity event.  I had never attended before and as I watched the elementary teams, along with the middle and high school teams, I was proud of their athleticism and their spirit.  Yet, the most inspiring of all was the whole idea behind the event.  Hearing what the girls did to raise money for local animal shelters, national foundations, or families facing medical conditions – it brought tears to my eyes.


So, I will relish our clear schedule today.  I will seek rest in my body, mind and soul as I think, read, write and reflect on all the blessings in my life.  And I will awake renewed, knowing that I serve a mighty God who has a great plan in store for me, my students, and my family.