Gratitude ~ Day 28

After a busy day of waterpark fun yesterday, and an overtired attempt at the evening story-time, the kids climbed into bed and crashed.  Rested and refreshed, Seneca woke first needing help getting her hands washed, and Calder awoke shortly thereafter.

“Daddy, guess what today is?” he asked, stretching.

“I don’t know, Buddy, what is it?” Garth answered, knowing Calder wanted to share the news first.

“Thanksgiving!” he shouted excitedly.  “Happy, Thanksgiving, Daddy!”

“Happy Thanksgiving, Buddy,” Garth answered as Seneca made her way to her big brother’s bed to wish well and give him a hug.

Before joining the quiet celebration, I listened and tucked this little moment away for those times when it seems like they forget what’s really important.  Because when it really counts, they do know it.  They are grateful.  They are amazing kids and we are so lucky to be their parents.

Today, we are so thankful for the amazing family we as we were able to celebrate with Garth’s parents for Jill and Garett’s first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  Good food, great laughter, and loving family – what more could we ask for?