Gratitude ~ Day 22

Today, I had the privilege and pleasure of joining my kiddo on a field trip to learn about pioneer life and Native Americans.  Despite the light rain, it was a fabulous day and I learned a lot.

We had a great time running around trees, jumping over puddles, shaking cream to make butter, and creating our own bead bracelets.

FieldTrip1 FieldTrip2 FieldTrip3 FieldTrip4 FieldTrip6

Perhaps, the funniest part to me though, was finding Calder’s lunch in my pack when I got into the car.  I quickly jumped out of the van and waved down the third bus which was about to follow the other two in line to head back to school.  Thankfully, I caught him and left the lunch with the driver!  A quick text to Calder’s teacher and I knew he would be set to eat, while I finished up a few errands in town.  Crisis averted.