Gratitude ~ Day 19

Today, I was able to join a group of teacher-friends at a monthly meeting where we are doing the heavy lifting of curriculum alignment and assessment preparation – in the sense of writing items which is a lot harder than I had once thought.

I received word that I was needed at home, and had to leave early.  Thankfully everyone was safe, and all turned out well.  In fact, I ended up with a few free minutes and took my husband’s advice to get outside.  So I did.  I visited a nearby ridge where I’d seen some work being done – well actually, just evidence of work (heave machinery, trailers, etc.) but I hadn’t viewed the finished product yet.

I wandered down and was amazed!  A bridge, a gazebo, a footpath to the water.  It was stunning, with weather to match!  I was so thankful for the opportunity to take in the beauty and I snapped this quick picture with my phone.

Greenview Point