Gratitude ~ Day 18

I remember waking up at one point in the night and putting the kids into their own beds, while Garth and I decided to sleep in the living room considering we didn’t have power and it’s almost always colder upstairs.

“What time is it?” I asked groggily, surprised by how dark the house is without the ambient glow of digital displays.  I figured we’d been sleeping for hours.

“11,” he replied flatly, exuding the same sense of disbelief I felt.

We peeked out the windows and added another layer of blankets.  At some point in the night, the kids must have come back out because I found one tangled between my arms when I woke this morning!

Since we’d forgotten to pick up the other van from church, it was going to be a family affair to head into school bright (well, not so much) and early.

En route, I called Consumers and learned that restoration would likely be Thursday night at 11pm.  Of course.  What’s more, Seneca was running a fever and ended up staying home with me.  We dropped off the boys and headed back to snuggle more.  Double layers of clothes, under blankets – it was grand.  We played a few games, drew pictures and rested.  Before we knew it – we heard the rumble of the furnace, and slowly everything came back on.

The TV came right back on to a different basketball game, but Seneca thought it was the same one we were watching when the power went out.  She was so excited, she recorded this to send to Daddy.

I made coffee and lunch, before putting her down for what would be a six-hour nap!!  I guess she really did need the time to rest, recover, and restore her own energy back to healthy levels!