Gratitude ~ Day 6

“You mean I get to leave class early for a doctor’s appointment?” she asked, eyes gleaming.

“That’s what I mean,” I said as I kissed her goodnight.

*                         *                         *

I enter the main doors and round the corner to the main office.  There, through the picture window, just barely peeking over the sill she sits with her grey sweater dress and shoulder-length blonde locks.  I notice a haphazard blue hair clip dangling near her ear and smile knowing she must have found and added it after I dropped her off this morning.

When she sees me, her face brightens.  “Mama!”  she says.

“Ready to go?”

“Uh huh!  Just like we said last night.”

Today, I’m thankful the feel of her hand in mine as we jump over puddles to visit the pediatrician.


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