Gratitude ~ Day 4

Today, I’m thankful for the chance to take a nice long walk with a good friend before picking up our kids from school.  I’m grateful for teachers who work long, hard hours to help our children learn content and life skills like staying focused on the task, and making the best use of their time.  I’m especially appreciative of the time I have this year to be more available to my family and friends.

Having followed God’s prompting and taken a year leave of absence from the middle school classroom, I’ve been amazed by how invaluable the little things truly are.  After running and playing with our puppy after school, we met Garth in the gym as his practice was wrapping up.  The kids headed home with him while I stuck around to get a little more physical activity with some Bootcamp!  Seneca was less-than-thrilled about not being able to stay with me.

So when I arrived home and she showed me her coloring page, I knew we needed to do it.  Did we miss reading extra stories?  Yes.  Did they get to bed a few minutes later?  Yes.  Was it worth every moment to see her relish my undivided attention and watch her whole body delight when I praised her realistic coloring of the little witches broom?  Absolutely!


Even Calder enjoyed coloring with us and adding more spooky trees to the haunted house.  There we sat, all four of us on the couch – Daddy catching a much-needed catnap, and the three of us, arms intertwined – coloring.  And laughing.  And talking.

What more could I ask for?!