Gratitude ~ Day 2

Ironically, this lazy day began at 5am when I drove my brother, sister-in-law and adorable niece to the airport after a brief visit.  I was home and back to sleep on the couch by 7am!  Thankfully the kids slept in and were busy helping Daddy around the house.  Perhaps the sweetest thing was Calder swinging by to give Carbon a quick kiss on the head and then he planted a little kiss on my cheek.

A few minutes later, he came back by, brushed my hair away from my face and asked if I’d like some Cream of Wheat for breakfast because he was having some.  “You like butter and brown sugar and salt in it, right?” he asked.  Sigh.

The day progressed rather uneventfully – a few household chores, much homework, and a few weekly programs were all checked off the to-do list.  There was much snuggling, and the whole crew stayed in their PJs the entire day!

As I sorted papers on the living room floor and Garth watched the Spartans play their way to a victory, the kids bounced on the twin mattress in the living room and played around 428 different pretend scenarios.

The night ended with stories before bed and I was asleep on the couch shortly before 8pm – the earliest I can remember in a long time!

Days like today are few and far between.  And absolutely amazing!