{Four Years and} Six Months Later

Having resurrected this here blog over our holiday break, I began looking back through some draft posts that never quite made it through to publication.  I found this one, written in February of 2009 and I thought it was just begging to be published.  Ironically, one of the milestones I mention, is about to happen in the fall!

*          *          *

Despite the waning frequency with which I’m sharing the ups and downs around our household, things really are happening!  I can scarcely believe that it’s already been an entire six months since my precious girl arrived!  All too often I focus on the stress, the crammed schedule, the piles of work (house and school) that remain untouched.

But today –  when I heard her waking earlier than usual, my arms ached to hold her.  Sitting there, in the dark of the morning, I smiled thinking back on the excitement that the day had arrived when my water broke – also before dawn.

Holding my sweet, sweet angel and feeling her contentment was an blessed way to begin my day.  I pray for the clarity to see these moments more often, and to cherish them, for if this half-year has passed so quickly, I can only imagine how soon it will seem that she’s starting school and then requesting the keys.