Quote of the Day ~ January 28th

Just after breakfast, C offered up this little quote of the day.  I asked him to write it down so I wouldn’t forget it (there have been a few that I should have posted, but promptly forgot them as they were said en route to school or something).

Here’s a direct rendering of what he wrote!


With this crazy weather we’ve been having – mid-60s one day and mid-teens the next, it’s been hard to predict whether or not we’d actually get a snow day this year.  As I zonked out last night, bleary-eyed from the incessant grading of papers and projects just submitted last week I offered up a silent prayer that we would, in fact, have the day off.

The anticipation was enough to wake me earlier than usual.  Ironic, I know.  As we watched the list grow, we saw our district name appear.  And then, we noticed the “Open” next to it, when all the other district names said “CLOSED.”  A quick screenshot captured the moment as we laughed at how cruel that would be.  Thankfully, it changed to match the others and I offered a sigh of thanks.

I wish I could say I’m completely done grading, but I’m not.  I am much closer and I think the kids enjoyed time drawing, reading, wrestling and making mud pies and secret concoctions out in the rainy wintry drizzle.