Winks and Wishes

Yesterday after school I knew I needed to get some fresh air for at least a few minutes.  Between the far-too many hours spent at the computer in the wee morning hours, I’ve managed to find a few extra pounds as well.

The brisk winter breeze that greeted us when we carted all our school gear inside was nearly enough for me to rethink my initial plan.  But thanks to some kids I’d promised to push in the jogger and a husband willing to get it around and ready for us, we pressed on.

Sweats, Under Armour shirt, parka, scarves, gloves, kids in snowsuits and ready with the blanket to cover them just in case and we were ready!  It felt good to be out there.  Ever the personal trainers, they begged me to run and I indulged them on a particularly steady downhill stretch!

Shortly after that and nearing the end of our walk, they began to get restless, vying for space which considerably less given how much they’ve grown and thickness of their winter wear.  In order to keep them focused on something else, I gave an off the cuff suggestion.  “Why don’t you catch some wishes?”

A short pause in our pace allowed me to show them how exactly they caught wishes.  “Glance around you, keep an eye out and give a little…wink.”  I said.  We walked on a while as they winked and settled in closer together, space no longer a concern.

We rounded the corner for home.  “OK, now it’s time to send some wishes back out into the air.”

“How do we do that?” Calder asked.

“Like this,” I said.  Crouching alongside the jogger, I whispered into my hand, paused for the briefest moment and then opened my gloved fingers and blew the wish into the air.

The final steps home were spent sending “Giggles” and “Goofiness” among a few other wishes out into the universe, just in case some other mom was out with her kids, making up random games that turn into some of the warmest moments of a cold winter day.