Lost Tooth

About 6 weeks ago, Buddy came home with a loose tooth.  He was so excited by the thought of getting on the tooth chart at school, I thought for sure he’d have yanked it out right away.  He didn’t.  It got looser and looser and he tried getting it out on Christmas Eve so that Santa and The Tooth Fairy could bump into each other!  But that didn’t happen either.

So, we waited and worked and finally, tonight I asked for one more chance to work on it before we brushed his teeth!  Squeezing Dad’s hands, and holding his breath, I grabbed hold and get just a teensy little push, then a bit of a pull.  His face squinched up and he was on the verge of tears, when I said, “It’s out!”


The expression on his face was pure delight!  He was shaking and giggling and kept checking the mirror to see the big empty space where his adult tooth had already started coming in behind his baby tooth.


“I can’t believe I lost a tooth tonight!”  he said over and over!  Watching him bask in the glow of this rite of passage was absolutely adorable!  Sis went and grabbed a paper to write a note to the Tooth Fairy and I think she was equal parts thrilled for him and bummed that it wasn’t her tooth!


I’d begun prepping a tooth pillow a few weeks ago, and of course it was unfinished.  So, I put in a few rough finishing stitches and had him pin an envelope onto it.  The Tooth Fairy has already left him a gold dollar and special note, so it’s likely there will be a follow-up post tomorrow once he finds his treasure!