New Beginnings

As usual, I’m sitting on the floor with my computer on the coffee table, staying up far too late and finding countless ways to pass the uninterrupted hours of the night.  And, well, I read a blog post tonight of that showcased a daughter.  I’ve been feeling a little “lost” lately – like I didn’t have a virtual home any more.

So after Operation Reorganization in the kids’ room today, I did a little virtual house-cleaning here as well.  I thought about starting completely fresh with a new blog, but opted instead to do a little work instead and keep it all in one place!  So, some of you may recognize this as the old “Infinity’s Edge” blog.  Or the failed attempt at my Project 365.

Either way, it’s safe to say we’re the Cornwell Crew, a turn of phrase I’ve adopted this year in my middle school classroom and one that’s grown on me.  I can hardly begin to say that I’ll write regularly, or frequently.  I can hope to.  I can hope to share pictures, seeing as now I’m a photographer in additional to returning full-time as an English teacher.  For me, it’s not about stats or hits or readership, it’s about curating memories of and for my family.  That’s perhaps the biggest thing I’ve missed about blogging.

If you’re here and you’re interested in reading and sharing in our misadventures, we’d love to hear from you!