:: Team-up Thursday ~ Moment in Time ::

When I Jaimee suggested the Moment in Time theme for this week, I was really intrigued.  I already knew where I’d be and began thinking about how I would go about capturing a shot in the middle of our church service without it being considered rude or inappropriate. 

It was interesting too, how much the specific details of the task made it feel much clearer, but no less creative and interpretive.  even better…when I saw Jaimee’s awesome shot I was thrilled with both the similarities and stark differences between the two.  Perhaps my favorite connection between the two is how I was in a church service in Michigan hearing a sermon about the importance of the fellowship of believers…and Jaimee was in Texas enjoying such fellowship. 

moment in time dip

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8 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Moment in Time ::

  1. so how did you snap it? it was in church?? it is really cool, at any rate. and i love that you both captured fellowship and both photos have a similar tone and mood to them as well. well done, girls!

  2. i don’t know how i missed the “moment in time” boat, but it sure sailed without me! this is a wonderful pair, and the black and white really makes it. my eyes travel back and forth between photos — very cool!

  3. Now I feel like a totally loser. I was in church as well at the time and totally did not have the nerve to snap a shot…but could have snapped one like you did. I need to think outside the box more. Great job! I love the B&W of them both.

  4. these are such a perfect pairing…the black & white, the mood, and definitely the connection of fellowship. Good job thinking outside the box and making it work…it’s perfect!

  5. I loved doing this theme with Christina this week atoo nd would even do it again at a different time, Thats whats so great about it. The two shots in b/w really make them look documentary like. The connection between fellowship is a wondeful tie. Great set this week.

  6. I really wanted to do this, too! I bailed at the last moment cuz I felt like we just weren’t really doing anything. I guess that would’ve counted, huh? It’s just so amazing to see what you two were doing at the same time. The processing suits it perfectly.

  7. Nice! I agree with you I think the idea of fellowship has been captured wonderfully with both shots during both moments in time. 🙂

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