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Is it just me, or have the days and weeks been passing unbelievably fast?  Seriously, when I emailed Jaimee yesterday to check about a theme, I was in denial that it was just one day before our team-up challenge.  As it was, we opted for the theme of unknown, and don’t ya know – it totally works.  I’m always in awe of the way she captures a subject that might be considered ordinary and creates art.  Simply gorgeous!

My shot today is one of too many I captured last weekend when tragedy struck our extended family.  Saturday night, we got word that my aunt and uncle’s house was on fire.  After a few frantic hours of phone calls and eventually finding them nearby at a friend’s birthday party.  Of course, we are blessed that no one was injured and while we know full well that it isn’t about material possessions, it doesn’t make the loss of so many collected treasures and the memories attached to each piece of artwork, photo or family heirloom any less heartbreaking. 

Today, I’m asking a special favor that after sneaking a peek at this image, you offer up a prayer for strength, comfort and encouragement for their family.  There are so many unknowns that lie ahead of them, and I pray that they are able to see that like this tiny tree which bears the scars of this ordeal…it’s still there, reaching toward heaven searching for and yet filled with hope.

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6 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Unknown ::

  1. Amanda my thought and prayers go out to your family. Thank the Lord that no one was injured. You picture tells the story. Jamiee is also so simply, an that’s the beauty of it.

  2. I’m sorry for their loss, it’s true we’re always thankful that we are okay, and it’s just material things; but it’s still an emotional hurt and loss for many. My prayers are with them.

  3. sending positive vibes and prayers their way. maybe one day they will be able to see the beauty you have captured in your photo. really, it’s very powerful. together, the two photos should be entitled “hope.”

  4. Your picture displays the unknown in the most tragic way. I am so sorry about what your family went through, but thankful that no one was hurt. Loving Jaimee’s processing and simplicity. I love what Corey said about one picture being of loss and the other a wish for things to get better. I never even thought of that. Seeing it that way shows how much they compliment each other.

  5. First of all, definitely have your aunt and uncle in my thoughts and prayers. I so love this dipy this week! And your shot carries such emotion and once you know the story behind it…it is really amazing.

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