:: Team-up Thursday ~ My Weakness ::


When Jaimee suggested the theme for this week, about a million possible subjects ran through my mind.  Chocolate.  Ice Cream Flurries.  Shoes.  Then, I smiled a little thinking back to just yesterday when the ice breaker of our professional development seminar was to create our Superhero teaching alter-ego.  Aside from identifying the super-powers we employ the classroom on a daily basis, and describing the metropolis areas we serve, we also had to share our “kryptonite.”  I suppose it says something about my outlook that I found it a bit challenging to meet some of the criteria, yet I immediately knew what my weakness would be.

There are so many aspects of teaching that are exciting and fulfilling.  For me, however, grading papers doesn’t fall in that category.  Managing my time and staying on top of the paperload is a goal I will constantly strive to attain.  In the mean-time, I choose to focus on the moments of excitement that come from working with talented middle schoolers.  That, and the way a picture of graded papers reminds me that it’s possible to feel “caught up” for the brief and beautiful beginning of a new quarter!

See the Team-up Thursday creativity piling up, thanks to our talented hosts Megan and Melody.

6 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ My Weakness ::

  1. I love the DOF in your shot, I have a pile of papers like that on my desk but I have no idea what in there and I don’t want to know (because then I would have to do something about it~LOL). I can so relate to Jamiee’s sweet & salty would definitely be my weakness!

  2. I am not a teacher but I can truly understand that. I’m sure that is a definite chore with no way around it. But they look so nicely stacked up there! Now I have to find out about Jaimee’s treat.

  3. I had to giggle at Jaimee’s “weakness” – I recognize that!! I love the thought and meaning behind your photo, Amanda. And I think no matter what the subject, we all let out a sigh of relief to feel ALL CAUGHT UP at some point.

  4. Yeah…I am not a teacher and I still always have a desk that looks like that! I like the processing you did, and hope you feel all caught up for a little while at least!

  5. Sorry I’m a week late. However when I first looked at all that paper I did wonder how that was a weakness. 😉 Now I understand when you talk about grading papers. It does make for a great shot though. I like the browns in both of those images and how they go together in the dip.

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