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So I realized that aside from our little Team-up Challenge, I never posted the handful of other pics I snapped at our circus adventure a few weeks ago.  Besides the fact that G had to stay home to keep an eye on our pooch which meant Grandma was able to come instead, it was an all-around good experience.

Calder was fascinated as I would have predicted.  His jumping and squealing from the time he caught his first glimpse of the elephants until we found our seats was hilarious.  Seneca on the other hand, she was just a handful.  Truthfully, she wasn’t ill-behaved, just restless and fidgety which is also precisely as I would have predicted. 

Circus 4

Circus 8

Circus 3b

Circus 2

I expected the elephants to be the biggest hit (pun completely intended!).  My little man didn’t disappoint.  He LOVED them.  And if I had any high hopes that he’d be above all the poop and fart humor that tend to entertain boys of all ages, they were dashed when he exclaimed – “Look Mom!  The elephants are pooping!  That’s funny!”   For a full week post-circus there were different variations of “elephant pooping” being re-enacted all around the house.  Thankfully without the benefit of real “props!” 

Circus 1

Circus 6

Circus 7

Circus 5

Circus 9

We had excellent seats and Calder l-o-v-e-d seeing all the animals.  Personally, I found myself a bit torn between thinking it was impressive and a little sad.  I always remember being captivated by the excitement of the circus and this time, perhaps through adult eyes, it seemed so much more commercial.  At one point the ring-master was doing his little “advertising plug” for all the doo-dads they’re peddling.  I expected that.  But it went on throughout the show almost to the point that I felt like I was in a spoof movie where everything was over-the-top cheesy.  All in all, I’d call it a success.  But I think that when it comes to family entertainment we’ll be searching for other activities to top our list.  Since I can scarcely pick a favorite of this series, I’m leaving it up to you to decide which shot you’d vote as best for this fine Monday.

OK, so I’m curious if you’d weigh in on another topic for me today as well.  I don’t love the theme and layout I’ve got going on here right now, but I found this one to allow me to use bigger images.  It looks totally fine on my computer at home, but in other places, it looks a little weird and ill-positioned.  Just wondered what it’s looking like for some of you!  Thanks! 🙂

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  1. How fun to see the magic in their eyes! N and I were going to go to a circus last weekend…but it ended up being SNOWED out!! Who wouldn’t thought?! Oh, and your blog layout works fine for me, but I have a wide screen monitor.

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