:: Team-up Thursday ~ Beginning ::

There’s always something about this time of year that makes my heart swell.  I love so many things about the various seasons, but the possibility, the promise of an approaching summer with days less-filled is a friend I welcome with open arms. 

tut-New-Beginning Dip

The warmer weather we’ve had recently has the whole family ready for summer.  Calder keeps asking, “Today can we get my pool out of the basement?” and Seneca has rekindled her love affair with the swingset.  I have a feeling we’ll be spending oodles of time outdoors this summer!

When we chose our theme this week ~ a combination of new, beginning, and possibility ~ there were so many ways I thought about interpreting it.  Then I noticed the purple and white blossoms of little crocuses in our garden and smiled.  The fact that Jaimee’s was also nature made me smile too.  I love the crisp detail on the branch and the way the buds seem to be reaching up for warmth and light.  I can’t wait to read Jaimee’s write up about her shot – the coolness might be completely natural thanks to the recent snowstorm!

Thanks Megan and Melody for hosting this challenge!  Be sure to swing by and see what’s blossoming with other teams today!

7 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Beginning ::

  1. Beautiful! This will surely get everyone ready for Spring especially those still stuck in the cold. I’m gonna have to look up crocus because it is lovely. We are hitting the nursery this weekend to do some planting.

  2. Ooops…looks like we each chose a different one from my two shots! LOL! That’s what we get for doing it so last minute! Oh well, makes for two fun dips!

  3. Spring truly is the very best of beginnings! You both captured it so beautifully. Can’t help but feel HOPE looking at that.

  4. That bright pop of orange against the white petals just makes the photo for me. Beautiful. Spring has surely sprung in your area!

  5. Beautiful shots, I love that hers is a bud and yours is a bloom.
    My kids asked about the pool this past weekend too.

  6. Yup, one as a bud and the other in bloom is so perfect for your dip this week. Both shots are so beautiful. Funny how you each chose a different one of Jaimee’s!! Heehee.

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