:: Team-up Thursday ~ Animals ::

While there’s certainly no short of animal references and playing around our house these days, we actually got a chance to sneak out and see some real, live animals this past week.  On Sunday, the kids and I headed to the circus with Grandma!  It was absolutely adorable to see Calder jumping and skipping with excitement after seeing the elephants before the show started.  And since it was the elephant that made the for the most memorable…er, um…”performance!” 

My fabulous and ultra-talented partner Jaimee took an outing to the zoo where she captured the most amazing shot!  Seriously, what’s not to love?  The squinty-eyed look of relaxation and I {love} the beautiful effect around the edges!


Hopefully we’re not the only ones who feel like we live in a zoo or a circus!  See what everyone else has to share this week.  Thanks again Megan and Melody for hosting this great challenge!

5 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Animals ::

  1. Well I agree with your comment about living in a circus or zoo. With all my children going this way and that life often seems to be nothing but a big juggling act. 😉 Love the elephants. I bet it was a fun trip. 🙂 Both shots go great together.

  2. haaaa….it is always a zoo or circus around here!
    that is fun – what a great theme today. and i love how you both have very exotic animals, too!

  3. I absolutely have a zoo around here! I call my boys my “little monkeys” all the time…I love, love your photo – those elephants all lined up like that? Sort of makes me sad and want to go to the circus all at once!

  4. Oh, yes. And our circus travels too! Awesome dip. The elephants are always our fave at the circus. You musta had great seats to get a shot on that level.

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