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I fully intended to have this little series up last week, but I’m kinda weird and felt like I wanted to wait until after his “official” birthday to share this sweetness.  What?  You’ve seen them already?  Oh, yeah…Flickr! 🙂  I remember last year when he sort of “got” what the birthday thing was all about.  This year, it was more of the same.  He so enjoyed having all his friends come to play – something we need to do more regularly if you ask me!

Typically, my best shot is at the end of a post, but this one, this precious look of excitement and joy as his family and friends sing him “Happy Birthday” – it has to be my best shot this week! 


In fact, I couldn’t resist looking a little closer at his adorable expression…seriously, who couldn’t love this kid?! 🙂


He had great fun blowing out his candles.  And with his party being a full week before the actual day, we had to something to celebrate the occasion.  So he got a candle in his cereal (before milk, mind you), a cookies from good friends, and a candle in his pizza that night for dinner.  I do think we’ve created a monster though, because this morning he declared it candle-in-my-Kix day again.  I explained it was just a special thing we do for birthdays and thankfully he was good with that! 🙂



The much-anticipated eating of the T-Rex cake!  He finally decided on a piece of the teeth. 


Since I try to take advantage of any opportunity that allows us to get a family picture without the use of the self-timer or remote control, a birthday celebration seemed perfect!  I find it funny that in too many pictures our kids are busy looking every-which-way…while we’re desperately trying to stay positive and focused in one direction.  Perhaps it’s because we’ve started reading a very symbolic book with my students, but I’m thinking there’s some life application to be found in this picture…


…then again, maybe not. 

See what’s what for other Best Shots this week!

3 thoughts on “:: Sweetness ~ BSM ::

  1. I wish we could celebrate every single birthday with such thrill and excitement as we do when we are little. Maybe all it takes is a trex cake! What a happy face.

  2. I love it! The look on his face is priceless — what a happy birthday boy he is!

    So glad you got a family shot too — I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing!

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