:: He’s Turning… ::


I can scarcely begin to think of any words to adequately capture all that is my pre-schooler!  More often than not, I have to remind myself that he is in fact a toddler, despite the fact that words like therapod, omnivore, and diplodocus are frequently thrown around with surprising accuracy.  And I’m learning, albeit slowly, that certain things I think are funny for a moment end up completely ridiculous when dealing with a kid who seems to forget very little.  So you see, while I thought it would be funny to hear him say “flatulate” (because we’ve already agreed to be a “toot” household as opposed to “fart”) well, now it’s nestled nicely amongst his other everyday phrases. 

While he soaks up the world around him like an absolute sponge, the slight misunderstandings and imagination that make me stop and smile are the very things that I adore, and will so desperately miss when he grows out of this stage.

C: I go to the doctor.
M: You sure do, buddy. Your doctor’s name is Dr. Israel.
C: {quietly thinking} Yeah. ‘Cuz he’s not pretend.


C: {mouth full from the backseat} Mom! My -nds all d-n—ry!
M: {tentatively} they’re what?
C: {emphatically} di-n-sry!
M: dinosaury?
D: What’s “dinosaury?”
C: You know, when you eat dino grahams and you’re hands get all “dinosaury!”
M: {to Dad, quietly} duh?! dinosaury, Dad!

You are becoming such a couragous and kind-hearted boy.  Whether you’re busy exploring the yard for creatures and treasures (and of course testing the boundaries) or offering kisses, hugs and congratulations to your sister for a job well done.  You listen intently and ask a million questions, which is both exhausting and exhilarating. 

Looking back over this past year, I’m astounded by how much you’ve grown.  With all the changes on the horizon – new friends, starting school, summer fun – I can only imagine how much more you’ll change right before my eyes.  Today, more than ever, I am reminded of the blessing of you.  Happy Birthday, Buddy!


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  1. Watching them change from babies into real little people is the most amazing thing ever! He sounds like quite a kid. Happy Birthday, Calder!

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