:: Team-up Thursday ~ Comfort ::

I absolutely adore serendipity.  So, while Jaimee and I talked about this theme before the self-portrait challenge, it seemed logical to come back to it this week, now that we both have our feet planted a bit more firmly beneath us.  Honestly, the word itself feels good.  After the business we’ve had in our schedule, the unexpected vehicle repairs, the tantrums and stresses of life…it’s a good reminder to take solace in those things, those people who offer comfort

Comfort Dip

I can imagine Jaimee needs a healthy dose of comfort right about now too, so when I opened her picture, I literally laughed out loud.  Jaimee, I don’t know the story behind this shot, but if it’s anything like the fun around our house, it involves a harried Mom and busy sibling.  What’s not to love about that sweet face – so relaxed and looking all grown-up.  I loved the brightness and the contrast of his sweet skin and the texture of the carpet.  I admit, I really resisted the urge to convert my shot to B&W, but now that I see them together, the warmth seems good…comfortable

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10 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Comfort ::

  1. Comfortable, yes! I’m glad you didn’t convert your’s either because the brown makes it more comfortable. And really, there is nothing more comforting than your trusty slippers or cozy shoes. Does that stool have ice on it? Nice job, team.

    • Thanks for the confirmation on the color…and yes there is ice in this picture. In fact, I should’ve snapped a shot of the big snowboots I wore onto the deck to set the slippers on the snowy railing! 🙂 Good eye Melody!

  2. Jaimee’s shot goes perfectly with yours I totally agree. 🙂 I especially like how his eyes actually look like they are casting in the direction of the slippers. How would they feel if I put those on too? Great combo!!

  3. Ooooh, I do love a good cozy pair of slippers! and those ones look super. And of course, gotta love our sweet Cole. Perfect comfort right there in this pairing!

  4. oh yes, a sweet little one and a comfy pair of slippers — what could embody comfort better than that? great pair!

  5. Both of these are great and relate “comfort” so well. Cole with his relaxed and laid back pose and your beautifully comfy slippers. Great DOF.

  6. mmmm…i’m wearing my slippys right now. nothing says comfort like warm slippers! (yes, we still do need them in cali! cool wood floors!)

    i love the b&w and brown-tones. they do both play nicely together!

  7. What a perfect pairing for this theme. Yours looks so very cozy and he looks so relaxed. Love it.

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