:: Team-up Thursday ~ Self-Portrait ::


This one was definitely a challenge.  I have this “gift” of being hyper-critical, especially of myself, so the task of taking, liking and publishing a picture solely of me – not me as Mom, or Teacher, or any number of other titles.  It was uncomfortable.  It was difficult.  It took thought and planning and time…and it forced me outside the comfort zone I never acknowledged behind the lens. 

I grew.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this experience was learning what works and what doesn’t, and thinking like my subjects for a moment.  I have no plans to do anything more than have fun with my photography right now, but recognizing the feelings of awkwardness or uneasiness, feeling “posed” or less-than-natural.  That was good. 

Plus, knowing that my partner would be there with me, made this not quite as scary.  There’s comfort in company, in friendship, in recognizing common ground.  I look forward to “meeting” everyone today!

tut-selfportrait dip

Thanks Megan and Melody for pushing us to try new things!

12 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Self-Portrait ::

  1. Amanda! You are lovely!! It’s a fantastic shot and I can so see you posting that pic all over the web world. It a great pose and the light is perfect. Great job!

  2. I would find that uber tough too. Good job stepping outside your box though! It’s an awesome picture. 🙂

  3. We’re always our own worst critic. I keep looking at your photo and thinking, “This has to be a professional portrait!” Just beautiful. I love the line leading into the photo especially…

  4. Amanda, I think you did a FANTASTIC job this week. You are beautiful and your shot and pose is perfectly done. Wonderful natural lighting and such a beautiful gentle smile. Great job this week!

  5. both gorgeous! i love how you are looking straight into the camera. if i hadn’t read your post, i would never have guessed you were anything less than confident in front of the camera.

  6. Beautiful indeed – you look perfectly at ease. These are great together.

    –Melissa G

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