:: Team-up Thursday ~ Snow ::


I wouldn’t have imagined that Jaimee and I would have had an opportunity to tackle this theme together and in such a similar way given our geography.  There is a certain sense of awe, wonder and beauty that comes with a fresh blanket of fallen snow.  I admit I do have an affinity for icicles, twinkle lights, and a good cup of cocoa after a hard afternoon’s play.

For this week’s interpretation of our theme, I turned to one of the two winter weddings I had the pleasure of photographing.  After one two three computers crashed since late-November, hundreds of my pictures spent far too long sitting in loneliness on our external hard-drive.  How fun that today they came out to play! 

So far, it’s been really fun to see how our images and interpretations of our chosen theme come together.  I love the way these are both shot from behind the subject.  The way the river draws the eye, the fact that the gals are both on the same side of the guys…there’s just too much to love!  In fact, at a time of year when most Michiganders are pretty much over the novelty of snow, today’s challenge has made me happy to have it around for at least a few more weeks!  Thanks for the great shot, Jaimee!

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4 thoughts on “:: Team-up Thursday ~ Snow ::

  1. Well, you just said EVERYthing that I was going to say that I love about these. I can’t believe how coincidentally perfect this pair is. Great job, team.

  2. These shots work perfectly together. I love that the perspective is the same and snow isn’t necessarily the focal point. Awesome job guys!!

  3. Everything you said about this pair is so true and makes it fantastic – plus, that’s my little gal, so I can’t help but love it. 😉 It is truly amazing that you captured such similar shots on opposite ends of the country.

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