~ Happy Valentine’s Day ~

Being a middle school teacher I’m afforded annual reminders of young love – I wonder how many Candy-Grams I’ll get this year?  While I too gave and received various heart-shaped candy boxes or pillow-toting “I Love You” plush animals, I’m amazed by the breadth and growing depth of the love I know celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

I never understood how love could be anything but passionate.  And yet, falling asleep by 9pm, lacing legs with my equally weary husband or hearing the squeals of joy as we “play laundry” with the kids by folding them up and placing them in the closet  – those are the unexpected moments that I all-too-often forget to stop and appreciate, and recognize as unmistakable, all-consuming love. 

Here are a few shots of the fun we had last week in preparation for Lovey Dovey Day

Valentines 1

I love how they got giggly after the first “I’m-not-sure-what-she-wants-us-to-do” shot!


Here we made my variation of these playdough cookies.  They turned out really cute, tasty, and are totally adaptable to any holiday!

Valentines 3

Valentine Treats

Valentine Treats 4

I find it thoroughly adorable that he’s beginning to be a very willing subject!!

Valentine Treats 3

I can’t find the exact site for the recipe I used, but here’s a different one.  It is REALLY good.  The only problem I had was that the extract changed up the melty goodness of my white chocolate.  I have a feeling this could become a regular treat for any holiday!  Looks like I’ll be stocking up on candy canes this coming Christmas!

Valentine Treats 2

We did another little crafty project this weekend too, but I only got phone photos of it so far!  Hopefully I’ll get a picture added before too long!