Team-up Thursday

I’m so thankful I’ve made the commitment to get back to a bit more regular blogging.  It’s felt good to get my camera in my hands again, get my mind working on processing the things that happen throughout my day. 

Team-up Thursday - Health

One thing that helps me stay focused is having a purpose for a post, so you can imagine how thrilled I am that Jaimee agreed to be my partner for Megan and Melody’s Team Up Thursday!  I always adore her photos and can’t wait to see her creativity as we dive into the various themes!

In the throes of dealing with the flu last week (all four of us within 2.5 days), pnemonia and then a double ear infection (the last two were solely Li’l Lady) I threw out the theme of health.  Here are our interpretations of our theme this week!  A quick glance at other shots around my place will let you know that my picture is the sniffly girl, and Jaimee’s is the tea.  Thankfully we’re all on the mend now and hoping for health from now ’til spring!

9 thoughts on “Team-up Thursday

  1. First off, Nice to meet you through this challenge. I love to find new blogs and this challenge makes it perfect to do. Dangit tho! I was thinking the theme was LOVE. But HEALTH fits so much better. Poor sweet baby being sick….And Jaimee’s makes me feel so peaceful. Great collaboration!

  2. yay! so glad to have you as a partner! we better get thinking about next week – snow? ice? I’m going to have a lot of that around here for the next couple of days!

    glad you guys are on the mend – man, oh man is it tough to be sick so much – I’m hoping we’ve had the worst this fall/winter because it has been ridiculous!

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