~ Wordless Wednesday – Snow Day ~

If memory serves me correctly, our only other snow day this year also fell on a Wednesday.  Then too, I took full advantage of the time to make some super fun holiday treats.  While I’ve yet to photograph them, today too was spent creating some lovey-dovey Valentine’s confections.  My favorite of which is the super pepperminty popcorn, though I think the kids are going to like the cookies better.  I’ll try to get pictures up soon!

Garth’s been a busy fella keeping us shoveled out, though we have zero intentions of leaving the house today!  We got a good 14 inches of snow since yesterday morning.  The craziest thing is that just MONDAY, knowing the weather was imminent, I opted to push naptime back and go for a couple mile run with the kids in the jogger.  Bundled in snowgear and strapped into the jogger, we enjoyed the bright sunshine and the near 40-degree weather.  We had green grass with odd banks of snow here and there.  Today…well, it’s a much different story…but one we’re enjoying nonetheless.  Today’s gift was even better considering we knew about it last night, so we actually got the chance to sleep in until nearly 7:30!!

Oops!  I just realized this was supposed to be a wordLESS post!  Guess I’m more into Wordful Wednesday today! 🙂  Now, for the pics!

See the grassy spots?!
Pre-Snow 2

These are shots from yesterday afternoon – the kids haven’t made it out yet today, though I’m sure they will!
Snow 1

Snow 2

Snow 3

Snow 4

Snow 5

Snow 6

What’s better than coming inside for nice hot cocoa?!
Cocoa 1

Cocoa 2

Cocoa 3

Cocoa 4

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  1. You guys have definitely made the best of the weather!! It’s funny to me that almost-40 is like spring to you, while that’s what we get almost all winter long. :o) We are actually having a pretty major snow today today, tho (by our standards anyway!)

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