Best Shot Monday ~ A Boy and His Horse

In the final weeks of 2009, we saw not one, not two, but three computers completely crash in our household!  Thankfully, we didn’t lose too much in the way of pictures and videos!  While it was scary and a little disconcerting to be disconnected for a while, we realized that it was also somewhat of a blessing.  Our evenings weren’t spent working or wasting time online.  Now that we have our new laptops, we are trying to be more disciplined about putting them away and unplugging for a while.

Since I haven’t had a way to process or a place to put many pictures, I haven’t had my camera out lately.  But I did manage to capture a few sweet shots earlier this month.  These two absolutely melt my heart.  I love the pure joy he takes out of playing with his new toy.  Nearing 3-years-old, he continues to amaze me each and every day with his new observations, comments, and insights.  Something about these pictures makes me know they’ll find a place in an open-house collage someday down the road!

New Toy 2


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2 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ A Boy and His Horse


    Scary about the computers! I just backed up my entire photo library onto an external drive the other day – whew…safe for now!

    About “unplugging” – we decided as a family a couple of weeks back to completely unplug from 6pm until the boys go to bed around 8- no stopping at the computer for 5 minutes, no listening to a voicemail here or there, etc…and, it has been wonderful!

  2. Oh, so very sweet!

    I pretty much kept away from computers, of my own choice, the last few weeks of 2009. It is good to occassionally unplug and just focus on other things. I think we are all just far too connected to the internets. Especially us bloggers. 😉

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