Best Shot Monday ~ Priceless

I’ve joked before about how difficult it is to fit a full-time job into an already full-time schedule.  So one would think that by going to a part-time work schedule I would have oodles of “free” time to write, read, reflect, oh and if you bother to stop by here anymore…blog!  In fact, I’m finding that the balance is much easier to strike, but I’m also spending more time choosing to be an active participant in the goings-on. 

While I’ve been taken lots of pictures there haven’t been as many of my two favorite subjects as of late.  However, these two…they just make me laugh and cry at the very same time!  Sometimes I feel as if my heart will actually break because it is constantly being stretched to accommodate the capacity of love I have for my kids. 

Even though her expression is a little silly, I just adore this picture of my lovely little lady – taken a few weeks ago at my cousin’s homecoming football game. 

Flower Hat

And Calder…he’s becoming quite the little man.  Here, he was playing with his coffee stirrer straw and spinning around to get “busy” – I think he was trying to see himself.  I’m quite certain that he’s laying a great foundation for his dad to trick him into trying to see his ear in a few years!


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  1. I was wondering from your facebook posts how you were doing so much at home…now I see! I hope you’re enjoying your time at home with the kiddos at least – it really doesn’t make it much less busy, does it? I am constantly amazed…

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