Sesame Live

Imagine my surprise when my husband actually suggested that we take Calder to see Sesame Street Live.  Short of dropping the bowl of ice cream I held in my hand and racing to the computer to purchase tickets, I was more than happy to oblige at my earliest convenience.  I would have thought something along those lines would have ranked right up there next to Chuck E. Cheese.  Nonetheless, he mentioned it, and as it turned out the show was coming to a nearby theater within a couple of weeks. 

Aunt Julie was thrilled to spend the day, and what actually became the entire night, watching Seneca while the three of us took our surprise adventure.  Stopping to take a quick picture, we made him say, “Elmo” and “Sesame Street” though he still wasn’t aware of the excitement in store.

SS Live 0

SS Live 1

SS Live 2

Once he caught sight of the balloons, dolls, toys and shirts he made the connection!  He was really intrigued by all the excitment around us as we waited for the show to start. 

SS Live 6

SS Live 3

It was so funny watching him absorb the whole scene.  I don’t think he blinked the entire first half of the show.  Seeing him in that setting and accepting his calm coolness confirmed just how much like his daddy he truly is.  While I was bouncing all over trying to evoke some sort of reaction or excitement from him…he just calmly sat there, smiling and completely enjoying himself. 

SS Live 7

SS Live 4

SS Live 5

It was such a great time, spent with a little focused attention on our Big Boy.  I hope we can continue to do things separately with our babes.  He’s been a little Sesame Dancing fool since our little trip! 🙂  Following the show we ate a great lunch then did some back-to-school shopping with Grandma.  Needing a little grand-baby time, she took him home for the night and we promptly crashed on our respective couches.