Best Shot Monday ~ Sweet Success

Tomato 2

It seemed like such a long wait, but last week we finally had some ripe tomatoes.  Calder has been eyeing them for weeks, and couldn’t wait to bite into one.  After slicing some up for B.L.T.s this week, I realized why he was so into them – they are crazy sweet!  Here’s hoping to a few more delicious caprese salads before it gets too cold around these parts!

I suppose tonight also marks the official “end” of summer since our first teacher workday is tomorrow.  I guess that means my late-night blogging bonanzas are coming to an abrupt halt!  I’m sure I’ll still have a few things to say here and there, so don’t go too far! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ Sweet Success

  1. Oh, goodness, it’s almost too beautiful to eat! But I bet it was yummy. My 8yo started a garden this year and all she got so far was one teeny tiny carrot. I keep saying that this year is a learning experience, we’ll do it up right next year. But the reward of eating what you’ve grown is fabulous.

  2. Love it! Good luck with the new school year! I hope we get to hear from you from time to time – I know that makes life a lot busier for you!

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