Best Shot Monday ~ Slide Fun

We’re soaking up the final days of summer vacation around here.  The weather has finally felt like summer, and again, I’m thankful for how cool it’s been the majority of the time.  To beat the heat we’ve been enjoying splashing around in the kiddie pool, a few trips through the sprinkler and general frivolity in the backyard. 

Here’s a bunch of pictures from a recent slide-climbing trip Seneca enjoyed…I’ve been pretty enamored with her big girl tennis shoes, and I think she can tell because she gets such a proud little expression whenever I put them on her.

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

I love the chubbiness of her little thighs here…

Slide 4

…and her complete and utter excitement.  I think this has to be my best shot for today!

Slide 5

1 thought on “Best Shot Monday ~ Slide Fun

  1. So cute! You know what? Cole is 15 months old & I think I’ve had shoes on him TWICE! But, we’re getting close to walking, so that’s gonna change soon…It seems like such a fast year!

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