Remembering Grandpa

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It’s the little things like recalling his excitement at making homemade vanilla ice cream each summer, or the way his baritone voice filled the space of a room when he laughed ~ loud, hard, and true.  I remember how proud he seemed to take me to the Eagles for a drink during my first visit after turning 21, and how he always ribbed me a little bit about anything.  I’m not sure if it was to keep me tough, or to keep himself to become too soft. 

When the state quarters were first released, I thought that I should probably collect them, it seemed like a pretty big deal.  Time passed and I never followed through with that thought.  The details are vague as to when and where we had the conversation, but I remember him telling me that he’d started collecting a set for each of his grandkids.  Then he teased that I’d probably cash it in for gas money or something. 

I’ve thought about it often, and during a recent visit with Grandma I was able to see the collection as he left it.  The partial rolls, in order by date of release, states checked off as he drew nearer to completion.  I think about him checking his change for the last Delaware coin, and I wonder how often he came back to this work.  When Grandma gave me the quarters to sort, I couldn’t wait to begin.  His precision with the small details spoke volumes about how much he cared for each of us.  When I completed a few check marks he had yet to make, I counted to find we have the last 8 states to collect.  Eight states.  Eight Grandchildren.

Today we are celebrating the joy and memory of Grandpa Ewing.  We love and miss you dearly!

2 thoughts on “Remembering Grandpa

  1. Hi Honey,
    What a precious way to remember Grandpa. He was always so proud of you and the day you graduated from College he also had tears. He realized you were no longer a little girl and soon you would be finding your OWN way in life.

    He was filled with disappointment when we were traveling home for your wedding and he became so ill we had to return to Florida and the hospital. He insisted that it was to be a surprise for you that we’d come from Florida for your happy day.

    He was so happy when you and Garth came to visit us with Calder and he got to hold him for the first time. He was overwhelmed with happiness. Little did he know then that it would be just a week until he would no longer be with us.

    Can you imagine the pride he’d have today if he could see Seneca and know of all your accomplishments in your life and what a wonderful wife, mother, teacher and writer that you’ve become. I forgot to mention what a good cook you are.

    Thank you Mandi for your memorial. It was beautiful and I will treasure it forever.
    I love you,

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