Crafty Tuesday ~ Birthday Time!

I actually have something to share today!  With the festivities of Miss Seneca’s first birthday party this weekend, I was baking up a storm.  I’ve come to find that I really enjoy decorating cakes, and with practice I’m hoping I can continue to improve.

Birthday Cake

Here’s her delicious chocolate and yellow layer cake, with yummy buttercream frosting.  I’m so thankful I started the baking Thursday night and finished the frosting on Friday because the torrential downpour all night and Saturday morning, meant the house needed a quick once-over before decorations were hung and the Butterfly Garden Party was moved inside!

Calder helped me make little tissue paper butterflies, and this one, is my favorite as it hung on the chain of our ceiling fan and did lots of little swoops and swirls throughout the day.  In fact, it’s still hanging there….


Here’s Seneca’s little birthday crown…I was amazed at how much she LOVED it!  When I was making it, I tried it on her, and she instantly sat so still and smirked!  She would’ve kept it on for a while I think, but I kept hitting it as we opened gifts!  Of course, Calder felt left out, so we crafted a foil-covered prince crown for him!


Here’s a picture of Seneca’s little birthday cake.  The oringal plan for the big cake was to cover it with pre-made fondant (I’ve been watching a bit too much Food Network Cake Challenge) but, I quickly discovered it was much harder than I thought.  So, I opted to make her cake fondant-covered only.  

Little Cake

I’m not sure if there’s craftiness happening today, but be sure to check it out another time because there’s always good stuff to be found!

2 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday ~ Birthday Time!

  1. Holy cow, woman! Is there anything that you can NOT do?!? Photographer, writer, mom, runner, teacher, and now CAKE DECORATOR?!?!? I am constantly in awe of your many accomplishments!! Keep ’em coming – you’re my inspiration for so many things!!!

  2. OH MY. Those cakes are fantastic! I too love the cake challenges but don’t think I could pull it off like you did. But I do want to learn. Cute hat too! What a special day.

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