It’s Not You, It’s Me

Don’t worry, I’m not breaking up with you!  I figured I’d better clarify a little bit in case you’re wondering if your reader has gone haywire!  I finally sat down with the intentions of getting “caught up” with the posts that have been rolling around in my head, some started on paper and others in the form of titles scribbled in my planner. 

I know there are those out there completely appalled by such “backblogging” (by the way I think I invented this word.  I kinda hope I did, but probably not!) but when I really ask myself why I blog I arrive at a simple answer.  I want to remember the little things, the big things and all those in-between that shape the past, present and future of our lives.  OK, so it doesn’t seem simple when I re-read it.   But it is.

Maybe I am breaking rules.  If so, I guess I’m doing so intentionally.  There are very few places where we can control time.  If doing this on occasion means I get to enjoy a clean house, some fun with my kids, AND a creative entry that shares those adventures…that’s good enough for me!  Thanks for allowing me to flood you with feeds…and rest assured I’m pretty much back on track.  It feels good to write.  Here’s to making it happen more regularly!

3 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me

  1. I’m fine with your backblogging! I actually was telling Katie the other day that I wrote a bunch of poem drafts this spring that I never published. I’m thinking it’s time to revisit!

  2. I wouldn’t say that I’m “completely appalled” by your backblogging, I do find solace in my reader stamping them with the actual time they were posted and not by the date you put on them.

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