Our Family Grows Again

OK, so I know that at least a few folks who thought this was another odd “I’m pregnant” announcement.  While I can’t deny some intentionality in my misleading, I can say that we’re NOT, I repeat, we’re NOT having another baby. 

Instead, our family circle has expanded to include our lovable little Betta named Ernie.  Calder was quite entranced by Uncle Luke and Aunt Ann’s Betta (Bert) when we visited them this summer.

A routine shopping trip last week became and resulted in the impromptu adoption of our fishy friend.  Calder loves feeding him and he helped change his water today.  The series below is when he met Ernie last week.

Entering the kitchen after nap…
Fish 1

I love this one…he’s looking back for Garth. I imagine he was thinking, “Hey, do you see this too?”
Fish 2

I can’t tell whose expression I love here more…
Fish 3

My best shot has to be the little pointy finger picture…it was then that he said, “It’s my fish?”
Fish Collage

On a slight tangent, I’m in complete denial that it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything!  I have SO MANY pictures to share, and fun things we’ve done….chances are, I’ll “backblog” a few of our fun summertime memories sometime this week!  ‘Til then, we’ll try not to do anything fun and photoworthy so I can play catch up. 

{crickets chirping}

I’m guessing that won’t happen…considering we’re headed back to da U.P. on Wednesday!!  In any case, here’s to a fun-filled and not-enough-time-to-stay-caught-up-with-tech summer!

4 thoughts on “Our Family Grows Again

  1. Oh yeah, you got me on that one – I was thinking, OH. MY. GOSH! Again? Two kids that close again? I was terrified for you! 🙂

    Those pics are so adorable! Calder is getting so big! He looks like such a little boy!

  2. How funny, I think I posted something like that one time too! Had everyone hopefully wondering.

    AND I have been blog-challenged all Summer [considering summer is half over and I feel as if it just started…] best of all, I titled a post “cue the crickets” . I’ll NEVER catch up so I won’t even try.

    Love his little finger pointing – so cute. How fun! We got fish last year, Underdog and Speedracer. Yep. A boy’s fish. have a great week!

  3. Hehehe! Right now, I think a new fish would be a better surprise than a new baby in my family too! LOL such cute photos!

  4. We got my son a fish for his last birthday this year, and it was a great deal of fun for him! The finger pointing one is really great!

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