Our Retreat

Tahoe 3

We planned, we traveled, we arrived with countless ideas.
Quickly, we realized that our project seemed larger than it
seemed at first glance.

Tahoe 5

We reveled in thought-provoking work, in discussion, discovery,
and distance – breaks from the rigor of intense learning.

Tahoe 6

We explored, both the possibilities and the uncertain
landscape that surrounded us both
physically and metaphorically.

Tahoe 1

We gazed in awe. We savored the splendor
of shadow giving way to
glorious light.

Tahoe 7

We marveled at coexistence
~ sun and moon ~
in the same morning sky.

We embraced the challenge
and forged ahead,
encouraged by the
certain satisfaction
that lie beyond.

Tahoe 8

We stopped, wary,
and witnessed the horizon.
Catching a glimpse of
what will ultimately
be our view,
we walked
down the mountain

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  1. WOW! Awesome shots! My favorite is the one of your shadows – so cool! Glad you had a great trip – looks and sounds very peaceful!

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