First Road Trip – Check

A few months ago mornings around our house began to get a bit dicey. The kids seemed to be getting enough sleep, but thanks to my DNA, they are not morning people! To accomplish the required tasks and get out the door on time, we started a little oral checklist that has served us well.

Nearly two weeks ago, we employed that little tool (among new little trinkets and yes, a borrowed DVD player) to help us complete the 1,000 miles one-way trip to visit my brother and sis-in-law in Oklahoma City.

A: “Mama?”
C: “Check!”
A: “Daddy?”
C: “Check!”
A: “Calder?”
C:  (goofy grin and slight pause) “Check!”
A: “Seneca?”
C: “Check!”
A: “And away…”
C: “we goooooo!!” (enthusiastically, arms outstretched and waving since that’s the extent of allowable motion in his 5-point harness car seat).

I’m sure you’ll be hearing much about the excursion in the coming days, so for now I will share the pictures we snapped while visiting the Oklahoma City Memorial.  I know my little ones won’t really remember being there, and the impact of what happened isn’t something they can yet comprehend, I hope these images and their future experiences will help establish a sense of community and compassion in these wonderful little lives!

OKC Memorial

The inch-deep fountain was very powerful to me.  You can also see the chairs on the left of this image that signify the lives lost in the attack.  They are arranged based on the floor the victims were on, and the smaller ones represent children.  Though we were there during the day, it seems that the bases of the chairs are illuminated – which I’m sure is also very moving.

OKC Memorial 2

OKC Memorial 5

Leaving their mark.

OKC Memorial 4

He was very interested in the tiles – what a sweet heart he has!

OKC Memorial 3

A closer look at this shot brought tears to my eyes as I recognized the little zebra toy as one my own children love!

OKC Memorial 6

Cutie in Crocs

She looks so grown-up here!

Tired Boy

Poor little guy fell asleep in the car en route to downtown.  I love this shot of him snuggling with his Uncle Luke!  A little late, I know, but this is my Best Shot today!

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