Health Update

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted my weight loss progress and latest fitness goals.  Here’s hoping that being back on the bloggin’ bandwagon will reinvigorate my drive to personal health as well.  That’s not to say things have been completely lackluster around here. 

I’m proud to announce that I achieved Weight Watchers lifetime status about two months ago!  It was such an accomplishment to finally make it, and I’m thrilled to have maintained despite a harried schedule and haphazard approach to my nutritional intake.

On the fitness front, since November I’ve completed three more 5k races with my aunt (December, March and April) and my first 10k just over a month ago.  With over 17,500 people participating in the 3 events, it was an amazing feeling to finish.  It’s been so much fun to see how my approach to running has changed, and to finally have found the appeal everyone’s been talking about. 

I have a few more 5ks I’d like to do this summer and have begun toying with the idea of a longer run or perhaps a sprint triathlon.  Any advice on how to go about choosing the right event?  I have to make it work around my family first, which likely means training with a double jogger.  My only fear of something like a half marathon is that I don’t want something that is going to be so hard on my body that I’ll regret doing it. 

Obviously being able to train over the summer would be so much better for me, so an early fall event makes sense – especially if I’m thinking anything involving swimming – I wouldn’t want it to get too cold ’round here!  My doubts are whether or not I’ll actually stick to a training program, because if I’m really honest, discipline isn’t my forte!  Whatever it is, I need some goal to work towards…one that will allow me to find that commitment I had last fall to make healthy choices for me and my family!

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  1. WOW! Congratulations on getting to you WW goal! Awesome! And, sounds like you’ve definitely been progressing on the running too! It’s not early in the fall, but does your area have a Turkey Trot? It is an 8 mile race – that was perfect for me last year and gave me the confidence to try the 1/2 this fall!!

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