For the birds…


In honor of my new return, I thought I’d resurrect this li’l post from the draft file.  I started it during a trip to the UP where I shot this picture of a real Mr. Chickadee.  Maybe soon (read: when both kids aren’t sleeping soundly) I’ll take a shot of the Mr. Chickadee that gets a lot of playtime around our house!

I don’t know that I would ever consider myself a “nature” or “outdoorsy” gal.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved camping (we’re talking tent, no camper here!), exploring, hiking, swimming, skiing and other activities.  I didn’t always love animals, bugs, even sometimes sitting in the itchy grass was annoying.

Once I met Garth, his interest in activity was something that drew me in.  Whether he was taking me hiking up Tahquamenon Falls or walking the trails around his old stomping grounds, we were always doing something.  We learned about geocaching and then he got a kayak, so we’ve adopted a pretty active lifestyle.  It’s funny too because I’ve come to crave it.  While our schedule has slowed a bit with two small kids, we still view these activities as ways to enjoy one another and build family memories as well.

One such hobby that we’ve begun to enjoy lately is simply birdwatching.  I recall early days when we were dating and Garth would point out hawks or falcons perched in the treetops as we’re driving down the highway.  Now, we find ourselves searching out birds of all kinds with an ever-inquisitive toddler.  Just yesterday, he helped me fill the hummingbird feeder, and always announces when he arrives he has a clear view of it from his spot at the dinner table.  Here’s hoping I can capture a nice little shot of him someday this summer!