You can clearly see that posting has dropped significantly on my ever-expanding to-do list, but today – I heard one I couldn’t allow to go unrecorded.  I think I remember a few others too…


This afternoon between Garth and Calder

C: I want to push the button (to turn on the TV)

G: No, you don’t need to watch TV right now.

C: Come on, Dad!


Relayed to me from our daycare provider

C: Donna look, I fit! (He was standing under a big tree)

D: You do fit, buddy!

C: (Looking up into the perfectly blue sky dotted with puffy clouds) Man, I love it out here!


Post potty attempt he scampered out to sit on his little push toy – his “car” wearing nothing but his shirt, and the big envelope he was using for a hat (think 1950s burger joint, folks!).  Taking his place atop his sweet ride, he looks down and proudly says:

I wearing my penis!

Topping that one is going to be tough….I hope to post a few pictures and weekend adventure recaps very soon!

2 thoughts on “Quotables

  1. OMG – what a character you have on your hands! And, yep, that last one will be tough to top! That is hysterical!!!

    I hope everything is going well, even though you are busy! I definitely understand how that goes! We’re visiting my parents for the first time since January and oh my, it is SO MUCH easier than it was then! So hang on, I think your life will slow down a bit once you get summer to catch up and the kids a little older!

    Hope your 10k went well! I REALLY need to get back into running! We’ve had a whirlwind couple of months and it has definitely slipped to the bottom of the list, but I MISS IT!!!

  2. Brace yourself–after potty training two boys and, at last, my little girl, I can tell you that boys definitely have a FASCINATION. Be prepared for lots and lots of conversations about his private parts. LOL Best wishes on the potty training! 🙂

    I love all of the pics on your sidebar! Your children are beautiful!

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