That hurts…

My students have given me a chuckle or two over the past 5 years, and Lord knows they’ve inspired a few thousand tears as well.  Just when I think I have a general understanding of middle school students they go and surprise me once again.  Whether they’re exclaiming, “That’s so2004, Mrs. C” or identifying the “descriptious” words in their novel, there are some priceless bits offered up on a daily basis.

Today, however, came a personal blow.  I’m convinced that my first year, I may have shriveled up and cried (ok, not really).  A few short years spent with middle schoolers and I’ve learned to let many comments roll right off my back!  I was informed (very politely, I might add) “you have a Nanny McPhee tooth!” 

That’s right, dear student!  I am so happy to see you activating your prior knowledge and making connections to the truly relevant aspects of our class instruction!

2 thoughts on “That hurts…

  1. Oh, Amanda! Last year I had a student say to me, while looking at my wedding photo on my desk, “You sure were a lot skinnier then, huh?”! And, I don’t think he was trying to be mean either. 🙂

  2. Oh no!

    Kids do say the craziest things, don’t they?

    And I am sure that you DON’T have a Nanny McPhee tooth…

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