Wrapping up Spring Break

I sat down to take a peek at what hasn’t been happening here, and I was shocked to discover that I hadn’t even put the pictures from Calder’s birthday party onto my computer yet!  Folks, we’re talking almost four weeks here!  So there’s been a billion things happening, from big boy beds to a very decent start to potty training (pees and poos on the potty!).  Continued talking nonstop!  And Seneca, well, she’s a crawling machine along with eating cereal and veggies.

We had a great long weekend in the U.P. with family and spent that past couple of days catching up on things around the house.  While it certainly feels like there’s much more resting to do, we’re back at the daily grind come Monday.  Thankfully, we’re in the home stretch and it will be summer in 8 short weeks! 

To make up for the lackluster text of this haphazard post, I’ll leave you with the brightest parts of my life….

Sunshine 3

Do you like his trying-not-to-blink in the bright sunlight expression?! 🙂

Sunshine 2

Most kids end up with milk mustaches, mine has a milk goatee!!

Sunshine 1

“Who cares if my hat doesn’t match my jammies, the breeze wasn’t gonna keep me outta the sun!”

3 thoughts on “Wrapping up Spring Break

  1. Miss Seneca is crawling?!? Time seems to be going a little too fast lately!
    And, summer does seem just around the corner. In the next two weeks I have science fair and 4th grade musical– after that it’s only 6 more weeks! Hopefully it flies!

  2. Good to hear from you Amanda! I know you are looking forward to your summer!!! So excited for you to get a break! I cannot imagine how busy you’ve been! Seneca’s beat Cole to crawling!! That’s right, my 11 month old could care less about crawling! The pediatrician isn’t worried, though – he definitely has the ability, he just doesn’t want to!! Have a great weekend!

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