Best Shot Monday ~ Perfect Present

In a perfect world, this post would have appeared a few weeks ago – you know, right about the time school started back again after the holiday break, a couple weeks before grades were due, smack dab in the middle of horrible Michigan winter weather, and an altogether low-point emotionally speaking.  So, suffice it to say I don’t reside in a perfect world, and I’m guessing most of you don’t either.

With a few sane moments sprinkled amidst the chaos, I think I’ve managed to claw my way to the surface long enough to recognize that without preciousness such as this, without the gift of a God greater than I can comprehend, my life would be vastly different.

Perfect Present 2

Perfect Present

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2 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ Perfect Present

  1. Hi Amanda, I’ve missed you! Seneca is so incredibly adorable. And you’re so right…I don’t know how I’d be alive to day if I didn’t know that God was in control of everything! Have a great week!

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