Family Christmas ~ Round Two

With inclement weather in the forecast for the following day, we decided to head northward late Saturday night, following our Christmas get-together with my family.  The darkness and snoring from the backseat made it a little dicey to stay alert, but we managed to down a few Coca Colas and keep each other talking….until I too succumbed to the slumber about an hour south of the bridge.

The first few days of our arrival found me feverishly typing away to finish our Christmas novelletter and the festive atmosphere and family fun provided the perfect breaks!  Growing up we always spent Christmas Day with my mom’s side of the family and while the fun used to take place at Grandma and Grandpa’s it’s now moved to Aunt Meri and Uncle Jeff’s house.  And, as I’ve learned over the past seven years, our “tradition” is in being non-traditional.

I recall my mother-in-law showing me a picture of Garth’s second Christmas.  Not only was I struck by the adorable toddler, but also by the place settings with crab salad and either pineapple or tomato juice.  Even if the red table cloth hadn’t given it away, the meal would have signified Christmas. 

The fact that our kids get to grow up with both the long-standing practices of Garth’s family and the ever-changing ways of mine gives them a very unique opportunity.  Having a full two weeks of break this year was great!  It allowed us to spend a full week up north and still have a good amount of time to come home, recover, and ring in the New Year with my family.  We still battled some sleepless nights again – but this time they were courtesy of our newest addition.  We’re already looking forward to relaxing evenings of next year when both kids will be consistently sleeping through the night!  (I know, I’ll likely be eating these words 12 months from now!)

Here’s a whole host of family fun, U.P. style!

Christmas Morning 7

Papa and Grandkids

Kegan and Grandma

Holiday Smiles

Smile Pretty Klaire

Gretchen and Deacon

Family Fun 2

Family Fun

Christmas Table

Emily and Papa

Dad and Seneca

Sweet Lily

Concentrating on Presents

Christmas Fun



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