Family Christmas ~ Round One

Is it just me, or did anyone else hear a bell?  While we did go see Four Christmases with our family on Thanksgiving, and we might have related to a few small parts of the film, we really do look forward to family get togethers!

We began our holiday celebrations with my dad’s side of our family way back on the 20th.  With more than enough food to feed a small army we ate our way through the afternoon and enjoyed the laughter and lounging that family and holidays often provide.  With a few shutterbugs in the bunch and a whole bunch of crazy characters, here’s a glimpse at the afternoon.

Family Christmas 1

Family Christmas 2

Grandpa and Seneca

Grandma and Calder



Alec 2


Miranda and Seneca

Family Christmas 7

Opening Gifts

Family Christmas 3


Family Christmas 5

Family Christmas 4

Family Christmas 6