Christmas continues

As if getting the call the final day before Christmas vacation that school was cancelled due to weather wasn’t sweet enough, the complete surprise of this morning’s phone call certainly was!  Yup, we were all set (well begrudingly so, if I’m being honest) to get back into the swing of things today.  In fact, I was already up and ready and was just about to wake my precious girl to feed her before rousing Calder and hitting the road.  I couldn’t believe it, but certainly embraced it to the fullest!

I promptly climbed back into my pjs and snuggled in for a “nap” at 6:30 am!  Hey, gotta take it when you can, especially since both kiddos don’t necessarily nap at the same time most days.  We lounged around for the most part after enjoying a hearty breakfast.   We played a lot – and Mom learned that making domino trains isn’t the brightest idea for she and Calder just yet.  Seneca slept for nearly 3 hours this morning, which allowed for lots of singing and hide-and-seek.

Of course, everyone is wondering if the back roads are any better and while I’ll admit that I wouldn’t complain if break was extended yet again…I know there will come a time (ahem, June!) when I will wish otherwise.  For now, I’ve enjoyed the day and may have achieved a successful decent bedtime for a certainly princess…though only time will tell!