Best Shot Monday ~ Wonder

What a difference a year makes!  From the wary glances shot around the room to the less-than-thrilled attempts at pulling out tissue paper and crinkling the festive wrappings we now have a very intent toddler.  His eagerness and interest are still thoughtful as they have not yet turned into the frenzied tearing and thankless playing that I fear may be lurking somewhere, waiting to emerge at the next birthday or holiday.

From across the room I can only image what words of encouragement Daddy’s whispering to him as he searches for the perfect place to begin the unveiling.  Perhaps he too senses my unspoken desire and is offering sentiments that instill thoughtfulness, gratitude and patience. 

Calder and Dad

Slowly, he pulls back the wrappings and shares the joy with those who found joy in giving.  This was the manner in which he opened most of his gifts.


I’m not sure what he was watching here.  It may have been wrestling cousins or uncles or crisp white snow piling up outside the patio door.  Whatever it was, I adore his expression.  The innocence and excitement, the near disbelief that he gets to have this much fun.  That he is surrounded by so much love, generosity, and happiness. 

When life gets to be too much to handle and the weight of responsibility rests heavily upon my shoulders, I pray that this image of freedom and joy will help me find my center.  And for you, my precious boy, I long for your wonder to grow as you continue to learn about the true meaning of Christmas and one day accept for yourself, the greatest gift ever given! 

Christmas Wonder

This is my best shot today.  To see what is brightening the lives of others this week, head on over to Tracey’s.

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