Lookin’ for a win

If you’ve spent any time with me as of late you know of my addiction to contests. And just like last summer, when I tried my hand at bringing home one of these, I now have a second chance.

5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with weightview.com to host a contest in which they’re giving away a Wii Fit!  This actually coincides with my already in-progress weight loss goals and having lost nearly 30lbs thus far, this little gadget might provide just the right amount of playful incentive to get the final flab to melt away!

Not that I want everyone to rush over and enter, I mean seriously, this puppy’s got my name on it.  OK, if you want to enter you can, and hopefully (if you win) you live close enough that I can knock on your door and we’ll get fit together!

Have fun and as always…here’s hoping!